About Catholic Health Commission

Catholic Health Commission of the Archdiocese of Blantyre is a faith based organization inspired by gospel values and social teaching of the church that promotes integral human development, equal access to health care services, gender and development, capacity building and empowerment of the less privileged in society especially poor women and children through participation, mass mobilisation, advocacy & lobbying, civic education, training and institutional strengthening.


TB Community Care Project- Facility and district  meeting

Mission Statement

To oversee and coordinate the provision of health services and programmes in its health and health related facilities following the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by promoting quality of life through delivery of comprehensive health care services to the community.


Together we can build a healthy Malawi.  

Why is Catholic Health Commission needed?

CHC recognises that health is one of the major challenges that undermine Malawi’s growth and development. Since early 1960s, the Church has been complementing government’s efforts towards the attainment of the highest standard of health through implementation of a number of interventions. Blantyre CHC runs a number of health institutions which include: - Hospitals – 3 - Health Centres – 7 - Lisungwi Health Centre Construction (Project in the pipeline) - Diploma Nurse Midwife Technician Training Colleges – 2