Area Sq. Kilometres                                                                 9 166

Population                                                                          2 999 950

No of Catholics                                                                     836 942

Catechumens                                                                            4 410

Trained Catechists                                                                        92

Volunteer Catechists                                                               2 847



Diocesan Priest                                                                              76

Montfort Fathers                                                                             3

Holy Ghost Fathers (Spiritans)                                                     7

Comboni Missionaries                                                                   8

Oblates of Holy Family Brothers                                                 4

Brothers of Immaculate Conception (FIC)                               14

Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary (SBVM)                        276

Montfort Sisters                                                                            14

Sisters of Our Lady                                                                      22

Sisters of Divine Providence                                                      19

San’Edgidio Fathers                                                                      2

FALMI                                                                                             2

Little Servants of Mary Immaculate                                           5

Carmelite Missionaries                                                                 2


Historical Notes

This part of Malawi was originally under the jurisdiction of the Vicariate of Nyasa and was entrusted in 1897 to the White Fathers Society. On 3rd December 1903, the Southern Province and Ntcheu District of the Central Province became Shire Prefecture Apostolic and was entrusted to the Montfort Fathers. The Prefecture was raised to the status of the Vicariate Apostolic on 14th April 1908. In 1952 the Northern part of the Shire Vicariate was erected into the Vicariate of Zomba. At the same time the title “Shire Vicariate” became “Vicariate of Blantyre”. It was raised to an Archdiocese in 1952.