Our Lady of the Poor – Chiringa Parish

Chiringa (Our Lady of the poor) was a sub church of Chitsitu Parish (St Theresa of the Child Jesus until 1960’s. Since establishment in 1968 Archbishop James Chiona asked the Comboni missionaries until 2004.

First diocesan parish priest was Fr Alfred Nsope who served from 2004 to 2008.  Some of the priests who have served after Fr Nsope include, Frs Mark Makolo, Benito Mongolo, late Frank Malinda, Vincent Maonga. Currently the parish priest is Fr Charles  Manyenje.

Fruits from Chringa Parish: Frs Boniface Tamani, Alfred Chaima, Dasiano Muhime, late Blazio Chikopa.  Missionary priest: Fr Lawrence Nazombe.

Religious Sisters: Agatonika Aiubaini, Anna Telezina Chiwanda, Juliana Kaombe, Ellen Pangani, Monica Malata.