Diocesean Calendar Notes

This Calendar of Events is for all Stakeholders in the Archdiocese of Blantyre;


1.  All bookings for the Sacrament of Confirmation are not part of this Calendar. Such bookings should be made through the Archbishop’s Secretary.


2.  Please, take note and respect, in your personal diary and in the parish/institution program, all the important dates where there are diocesan events and unless there is contrary communication, all events will be presumed to be according to this calendar.


3.  In the spirit of self-reliance, contributions in monetary form will be expected from participants (Parishes) for the workshops and sessions taking place at Nantipwili Pastoral Centre to ease the budget and expenditure on the part of the Administration of the Archdiocese of Blantyre.


4.  All parishes and Church institutions are encouraged and expected to send participants to particular workshops and sessions that have been planned and included in this Calendar of Events.


5.  Take note of all the dates where Obligatory Collections are expected to be made and try to remit them to the Office of the Diocesan Financial Administrator within a period of two weeks after their collection.


6.  Most likely that there will be some activities which may be squeezed into the Calendar during the year depending on the needs of the local Church and where such needs arise, necessary communication will be made.


7.  Nantipwili Pastoral Centre is available for any other bookings that you plan for your Parish, deanery or Church group/association/Movement. Let us support the Centre to enable it run smoothly and possibly enable it to support the Archdiocese financially.


8.  We are starting to work with new elected leaders in the local Church at various levels. Let us make sure that we train them adequately so that they can serve the Church diligently.


9.  As we celebrate the Year of Mercy, the local Church is encouraged to come up with various initiatives at various levels to ensure that the local Church shows the face of God who is merciful.